Announcing Advanced Research Consortium (ARC) Panel

As part of the Global DH Symposium, we’re excited to bring in speakers from the Advanced Research Consortium for a panel titled “Access, Data, and Collaboration in the Global Digital Humanities.”

The Advanced Research Consortium (ARC) is an organization that brings together scholars with diverse research interests and from various disciplines to implement technologies and infrastructure that makes our digital cultural heritage accessible and findable. This panel will consider issues such as international collaboration, open access, the role of the digital editor in a global, postcolonial context, and how these issues may impact ARC’s efforts to create a sustainable, ethical infrastructure for a global digital humanities.

Dr. Timothy Duguid will provide a brief survey of digital musicology scholarship and argue that international partnerships are critical for the successful development and implementation of Music Scholarship Online (MuSO). Digital musicology is still in its infancy, and much of the research is presently being conducted outside of the United States.

Dorothy Porter will consider best practices for open data licensing. As open data and open access become a prevailing goal for libraries, and as collaborators and funding agencies increasingly demand more open licensing, what are the implications for former colonial countries as compared to western institutions?

Dr. Daniel Powell will discuss digital editing and curation as an expression of political values. Many of the issues that have influenced our current political events can be traced back to arguments about the authority of sources, digital literacies, and access. Dr. Powell will discuss the role of the resource creator, digital editor, and/or digital humanist in the climate of politically motivated digital propaganda.